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Posted on Dec 9th 2015

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Posted on May 18th 2015

Try on Beyonce Knowles's hairstyles with our virtual styling system. View styling tips for Beyonce Knowles's hairstyles. FOLLOW ME ON InstaGram: MISSSCARLOS jumbo braid tutorial 1b and 30 color. you need a: rubber band, tie, spritz, and a brush. UPGRADE Video. The type of extensions that she wears are designed to fool the eye.. Why does beyonce's look like white peoples Answer Questions. is one of the biggest. Safety is paramount at Beyonce so clients who would like use our services should visit

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Posted on Apr 19th 2015

BuzzFeed NewsHow Hollywood Is Slowly Accepting Natural Hair On Black WomenBuzzFeed NewsTheir hair looked so alive! My view of beauty was quickly changing. Instead of feeling like my extensions were a status symbol, I felt enslaved to an ignorant concept of beauty. What young woman doesn't deeply desire to feel beautiful in her own skin. Daily MailBeyonce debuts hair extensions with Jay Z and Blue Ivy in ParisDaily Mailso, it's hair extensions once again for Beyonce. where's the story