learning hair extensions

Posted on Jul 2nd 2016

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learn hair extensions

Posted on Mar 26th 2016

.even if you have short hair. Last Labor Day, I bravely entered my hair salon, a photo of Karlie Kloss in hand. I loved my cute little Karlie kut- but predictably, it was only about a month before I started regretting the chop. Prior to that fateful day.

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Posted on Jan 19th 2016

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learn hair extensions in nyc

Posted on Mar 18th 2015

AD: I feel very much that if I got rid of my hair, I would not know what to do. Kate Barnett: Last year, for a story, I cut off my elbow-length hair within an inch of my scalp. The people that did it were amazing, and when I was in New York I felt incredible. Hair extensions are one beauty trick that you do not want to.