top rated hair extensions 2014
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Daily Mail'Kettle and black spring to mind!': Lauren Goodger is branded a 'hypocrite' as she pleads with fans to stop using.Daily MailLauren recently confessed she is opting for a more natural look, despite TOWIE being synonymous with deep tans, big lips and hair extensions. The brunette beauty, who had her lip fillers removed last year, revealed she plans to lose her hair.

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Long, thick, luscious hair. the sides and top of the head for the most natural looking extensions!) You can either curl or straighten the extensions before or after they’re clipped in based on your preference. Another tip: real clip-in extensions. The industry's top hairdressers - with clients from Eva. If it's true that the bigger the hair, the closer to God, as they say in the South, then hair extensions really are the new religion. There are two widths of extension: "individuals," about.

top rated clip in hair extensions 2014
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Glamour.comHow this GLAMOUR writer became a hair extensions convertGlamour.comLuckily, the USP of Kapello hair extensions brand I was trying out, was that they looked as natural as possible, were faster to apply than normal extensions (they clip into the hair gently), and aren't high maintenance - you can treat them just like.